Dip Davis Cowl Latch STC for Cessna 120/140/140A/170/170A/170B

The cowl latches (4 per aircraft) installed on Cessna 120, 140, 140A, 170, 170A and the 1952 version of the 170B were a trunk latch type device consisting of a two component catch assembly riveted to the upper cowl door and an eight component latch assembly riveted to the lower section. Security of closure depended upon a very slightly over center toggle action and a spring clip that retained the handle. As the components wore and spring tension deteriorated, owners and maintenance personnel have sometimes added tabs drilled for safety pins or simply drilled holes in the handle for the inclusion of sheet metal screws to keep the handle in place. Replacement assemblies are available at over $260 per latch…. 
That is over $1000 per airplane!

The replacement latch we offer consists of a three component upper latch and a two component receptacle for the lower cowl utilizing a standard Camloc fastener. It installs in the cowling in the same openings as the original, using the same rivet holes. Should someone later, in the interest of retaining authenticity, wish to reinstall the original style latch, he may do so by simply removing the rivets and replacing the latch assemgly. No modification of the cowl proper is required.

The replacement latch is available with either a ‘wing’ type fastener, a Phillips head fastener, or a Slotted head fastener.

The replacement latch not only saves three quarters of the expense involved, but also actually provides a more secure closure than the original.

PRICE: The cost is $250 US per set of four (4) Wing type fasteners and only $230 US per set of four (4) Phillips head or Slotted head fasteners and is postpaid. If you are from Canada, we request payment be either PayPal or International Money Order.
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